Commission Portraits

These works are all individually crafted for parents who wish to have a watercolour display of their son or daughter to frame and preserve for many years.

I work on heavy 300gms, cold-pressed arches, 100% cotton, watercolour paper to produce the best, longest lasting authentic result. I also arrange and oversee the taking of professional photographs to work from.  The size of the finished work is 560mm x 760mm.

If you would like a commissioned watercolour of your son or daughter, I would be privileged! You will receive a one-off, original, signed portrait on the finest art quality paper.

Commission Includes:

  • Professional photographs taken to work from
  • Cost of paper and materials
  • Finished product on 560mm x 760mm watercolour paper

Please order through my store by the button below, or, if you have further questions, please contact me!
I look forward to working with you!

*Works take between 4-8 weeks from production start date – once photographs have been acquired.